Project Website

Project Website


What is a Project Website?

The project website allows constituents to review project purpose and need, funding, study area, technologies, community meeting boards, milestone documents, NEPA 101 information & schedule.


  • Encourages clarity and brevity in the actual NEPA document since the majority of information is available on the website.
  • Allows the actual NEPA document to focus on significant issues that are relevant and useful to decision makers and the public.
  • Provisions of NEPA document page limits (40 CFR 1502.7); time limits for completion of the NEPA process (40 CFR 1501.8); interagency cooperation (40 CFR 1500.5(b)); incorporation by reference of previous study (40 CFR 1502.21) all accommodated.

What is Digital Outreach?

  • Platform to provide access to virtual meetings
  • Gather metrics to make better informed decisions
  • Ability for the public to chat with subject matter experts
  • Survey constituents on project components

GIS Commenting Application and/or Document Management Portal
can be embedded on the Project Website or Project Tab on an

Agency-wide webpage


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