Document Management Portal (DMP)

Document Management Portal


What is the Document Management Portal?

The customized Document Management Portal allows agencies and the Project team to concurrently review and comment on documents. The system also tracks when users have accessed the document, made edits, and submitted comments for final review.


  • Ensures environmental reviews and authorization decisions are synchronized, timely & efficient.
  • Supports optimal inter-organizational coordination of environmental reviews.
  • Eliminates the need to distribute multiple hard copies by providing a single portal thereby reducing burdens & delays.
  • Provides administrators with intuitive tools:
    • Manage, review, and respond to comments
    • Export Errata sheets into Excel Document control
    • Track for Administrative Record and FOIA requests

The home page provides an intuitive file structure organized by project. It also allows users to concurrently review documents, invite external collaborators, and export comments to Excel or Errata Sheet.

The user-friendly DMP platform allows users to collaborate through document commenting and mark-up tools.

Why use our DMP versus GSuite, Sharepoint, or DropboxTM?

Our system provides a single place to manage, secure, share and oversee all of the content for internal and external collaboration and processes. It also connects to all software providers like Office 365, Google Suite, and Adobe Sign so you can use our DMP as a single hub for Key Benefits.


  • Provides a user-friendly platform with friction-less security (compliant with federal and healthcare security standards).
  • Enables a digital workplace to efficiently and effectively collaborate and store documents.
  • Eliminates cumbersome paper and email-based workflows.
  • Allows for concurrent reviews, comments, and versioning control. 
  • Provides real-time commenting, creating an online brainstorming portal to collaborate with dispersed teams. 
  • Provides automatic tasks notifications for seamless collaboration and workflow.
  • Provides metadata management and data-driven results.
  • Cloud-based system with unlimited file size.
Triangle DMP