One Federal Decision

One Federal Decision


KLT Group developed VirtualNEPATM to improve the environmental review process via increasing transparency, coordination, and timeliness. It so happens that the Federal Government also understood the need to improve an outdated (over 50 years old!) NEPA process. In August 2017, the President signed Executive Order 13807, known as One Federal Decision, which mandates Federal Agencies with major infrastructure projects:

  • Prepare a permitting timetable (schedule) to be tracked through the Federal Permitting Dashboard.
  • Establish an elevation process when a milestone may be missed or extended through an accountability system.
  • Prepare a single environmental document and record of decision (ROD) within two years (NOI to ROD).

And in August 2019, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) made modernizing the NEPA process a top priority with the following two interim policies:

  1. Page Limits for NEPA Documents and Focused Analyses - DOT operating administrations should limit the text of Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) and Environmental Assessments (EA) to 150 pages and 75 pages.
  2. Application of the One Federal Decision (OFD) Process to DOT Projects – builds upon Executive Order 13807 to have a single document and record of decision with projects having multiple authorizations by Federal agencies. The DOT interim policy provides DOT NEPA practitioners the processes and procedures to implement the E.O., the MOU, and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) (described below) accountability system guidance to DOT projects.

VirtualNEPA fosters a smarter, more transparent, and better-managed process for environmental review by:

  • TRANSPARANCY: Providing an online platform for the public to review and comment on project specifics, at their convenience, encouraging greater participation.
  • TIMELINESS & COORDINATION: Ensuring environmental reviews are concurrent, synchronized, timely, and efficient.
  • PAGE LIMIT: Focusing analyses on significant issues that are relevant and useful to decisionmakers and the public.

Let KLT Group’s VirtualNEPA help you and your clients seamlessly meet current NEPA policies! Please contact for further information.